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Becoming a parent means taking in a lot of responsibilities which keep on pilling up every day of the week. In order to make things easier, it is important to have at your disposal professional “helpers”. For example: when you decide to take the baby out for a walk, you need to use a high quality stroller, designed with security and comfort in mind. Going through the best strollers represents a firm commitment to your child’s safety every time you take him out for a stroll. It is very important to keep the little one safe and comfortable during each moment of the walk.

These are the most appreciated baby strollers:

Maximum Weight
Our rating
Best Price on:
Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2 Seat Baby Jogger City Select Stroller45 Pounds$$$$A+bnair
BOB Revolution SE Single strollerbest strollers 201470 Pounds$$$A+bnair
Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel system Graco FastAction Fold Jogger50 Pounds$$$Abnair
 Schwinn Turismo Swivel single Jogger Schwinn Turismo Swivel single Jogger50 Pounds$$$B+bnair
Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller39 Pounds$$B+bnair
Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller40 Pounds$$Bbnair

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2 Seat 


Baby Jogger City Select StrollerTaking the child out for a stroll can be hard work, given that there are many things to consider: security, comfort and stability. This is why strollers were developed, in order to help parents take their little ones out for walks without second guessing things. Now, you have the possibility to choose from the best strollers 2014 reviews- Baby Jogger City Select stroller. This model is very popular among parents, appreciated for its solid design and stability levels. It incorporates the patented Quick-Fold technology which gives you the possibility to fold the stroller quickly, in one simple step. The model features an innovative multi-functional design which gives you the possibility to select the proper seating arrangement, from 16 unique combinations. You will be able to set out the right position for the little one, adding comfort to the existing safety levels. The flexible configuration is what kept on bringing parents to this elegant stroller.

“My twins don’t cry or feel uncomfortable while they are seated in Baby Jogger City Select stroller and this must mean it is very comfy for them. But I bought it most of all for its safety features and its maneuverability. The Quick-Fold option is another favorite feature for me.” – Mary P. McCarthy

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BOB Revolution SE Single stroller 


best strollers 2014When it comes to the child’s wellbeing, you should go for the best. This is why more and more American moms and dads use with confidence Revolution SE single stroller from BOB. As one of the best stroller on the market today, this model was designed with a pivoting front wheel and two on the back. You have complete control over the whole stroller, irrespective of the surface conditions. The stroller has a lightweight frame and an advanced suspension system which maintains the comfort levels at the highest levels. It is the perfect companion for day to day activities, keeping the little one close to you. While doing the groceries or meeting up with friends in the park, the stroller ensures that the child is safe and protected. It is recommended for children over 8 weeks and has a weight capacity of 70 pounds. In addition, you will benefit from a 5-year warranty!

“I wanted a comfortable, but maneuverable stroller for my daughter and through BOB Revolution SE I have managed to get my hands on what I desired. The suspension system is my favorite feature because it protects my little one from the bumps on the road. In my opinion this is the best baby stroller 2014.” – John M. Garcia

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Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel system 


Graco FastAction Fold JoggerAre you trying to figure out which stroller is best for your child? Out of the best strollers  2014, you can opt without reservations for Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect! Everyone knows that Graco baby products revolve around enhanced safety and durability, so this model won’t disappoint. It combines innovation with some convenient features that moms absolutely adore. You can manoeuvre it without problems on any type of terrain. As some moms pointed out, this stroller ensures that you maintain your active life and involve the little one in a secure manner. Placed among the best strollers available today on the market, this model includes Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat. It has a weight capacity of around 50 lbs while Click Connect seat can protect babies from 4 to 35 lbs. The stroller has air-filled rubber tires which maintain a smooth ride all the way.

“I recommend this stroller from Graco for other mommies because since I have purchased it, I realized I couldn’t have got a better one. It is comfy for my daughter, while still being very safe. She is safely secure in it with the reliable harness system.” – Sarah L. Cheatham

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 Schwinn Turismo Swivel single Jogger 


Schwinn Turismo Swivel single JoggerFinding the best stroller  for your child is a big investment in his outdoor lifestyle. This is why so many Americans consult professional information before choosing a product. Now, you have the possibility to opt for Pacific Cycle Schwinn Turismo  jogger. You will be able to use this product while going jogging or simply out for a walk with the little one as a chaperone. This model was constructed with a lightweight aluminum format which allows you to use it without problems. It has a single 12-inch swivelling front tire and also two 16 inch rear tires which keep the ride comfy and smooth. Placed among the best strollers 2014, Turismo includes special parent features: molded tray, cup holders and easy folding design. You should also know that the stroller has a built-in MP3 speaker which you can use to play songs to your son and daughter.

“The best baby stroller reviews 2014 pointed me in this direction and now that I have made this model, I don’t regret at all. This stroller is surprisingly light and maneuverable, while still managing to be extremely comfortable for my baby.”  – Christina L. Adams

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Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller 


Evenflo Journey 300 StrollerChoosing a model from the best strollers can be pretty difficult given that each product comes with unique features. There are parents that simply don’t know which is the best model to take for their children. In the specific segment of baby strollers, parent testimonials underlined the efficiency of Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 car seat. This 2 in 1 travel system is just what a parent on the go needs. You will absolutely adore the rapid folding system through the Stand Hold and Fold option. This function gives you the possibility to fold the device with only one hand. It comes with special parent functions like pivoting child tray which you can use to feed him, storage basket where you can store toys and 2 cup parent tray. This stroller includes a reliable 3 point safety harness system which keeps the child safe and secure, every moment of the stroll.

“Looking over the feature of Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller I found it to be just what I was looking for. The storage basket lets me take all my baby essentials with me and some of my things as well. I have an Evenflo car seat as well and I can easily fit it to this stroller thanks to its 2-in-1 travel system.” – Eva R. Murray

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Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller 


Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect StrollerEvery parent wants to use the best stroller when it comes to the safety and comfort of their child during long or short walks. Recent statistics pointed out that Graco strollers always managed to impress through their durability, convenience and efficiency. This is why we are not surprised to see so many parents use with confidence Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect stroller. This stroller offers enhanced comfort for both children, with a weight capacity of 40 pounds each. The model has a stadium style seating which keeps the child a bit raised in order to benefit from a better view. Due to its unique design, both partners will be comfortable, enjoying cosy positions every moment of the walk. The stroller includes special parent features like one-hand folding system, storage basked and tray. It can accommodate children by up to 50 pounds with ease. Furthermore it is important to know that the swivelling wheels are lockable.

“Both my boys feel comfortable when I put them in this double stroller from Graco and sometimes they even take their afternoon naps in it. I am well satisfied by the safety features and especially by the 5-point harness system. My honest opinion is that this model is one of the best baby strollers 2014.” – Etta T. Smithson

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Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller 


Maclaren Twin Techno StrollerIf you are currently trying to find an elegant yet reliable stroller for your child, look closer at Maclaren Twin Techno stroller. This beautiful model combines style with utility, helping parents move in complete liberty from one place to another. It has elegant seats, with special twin head huggers and leg rests that keep the infants comfortable and cosy every time you take them out. Furthermore the stroller includes protective hoods which will keep children far in a cool and shaded position. It doesn’t contain phthalate or lead. This stylish stroller from Maclaren has a super-rapid 5 second and one hand folding system which comes in handy when you’re in a hurry. The stroller has ergonomic foam insulated handles that enhances your grip, even while going over rocky terrains. It is the perfect travel system, especially for active parents that don’t compromise their fashion style while going out on a walk.

“After consulting many reviews I had come to the conclusion that this stroller was the one for my twin daughters. The comfort level is excellent with its head huggers and leg rests. I also feel comfy when pushing it along, thanks to the ergonomic foam covered handles.” -  Sharon P. Upton

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